Belfast Region City Deal

The Innovation strand of the BRCD is about enabling the region to compete in the data-driven knowledge economy of the future through new open-source facilities for research and development.

The Innovation Projects:

catalysts for business growth through research and development


Future-focused Manufacturing


Co-created product development for societal benefit


One Health: from Soil to Society


A Crucible for Healthcare Innovation


Creatively led, technologically driven Research and Development

Working in close collaboration, Queen’s University Belfast and Ulster University are leading the development of the five Innovation projects that fall within the ‘Innovation and Digital’ strand, designed to be the catalyst for investment in research and development in the region.

What is the Belfast Region City Deal?

A City Deal is a bespoke package of funding and decision making powers agreed between central government and local regions; aimed at helping to harness additional investment, create new jobs and accelerate inclusive economic growth.

The Universities’ role

Queen’s University and Ulster University are key partners in the BRCD along with six local councils, FE colleges and the Northern Ireland Civil Service. The BRCD is made up of 22 integrated projects that each fall within one of three investment themes and are intended to deliver 20,000 new and better jobs.

Working in close collaboration, the universities are leading on the five innovation projects that fall within the ‘Innovation and Digital’ cog. Designed to be the catalyst that will drive forward investment in research and development, they will help to embed a culture of innovation and act as a driver for increased productivity.

22 integrated

20,000 new

4 investment

Partnerships with


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